Hail Storm Roof Damage Repair

We offer free roof inspections for hail or storm damaged roofs.

Hail, as you may know, if you live in Colorado Springs, can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as big as a golf ball. If your roof has suffered damage from a recent hailstorm, call us today. We work with all major insurance companies and offer competitive pricing on all hail and storm damage repairs in Colorado Springs. We also repair roof damage caused by wind, snow or water ingress

Colorado Springs & the Denver metro region have the highest concentration of large stone hail storms in the U.S. and the area can expect 3 or 4 catastrophic storm events each year, with an estimated insurance bill running to over $3 billion in the last 10 years or so.

You cant avoid the hail storms, but keep our number handy for when you feel need a free roof inspection, we’ll be glad to help.

Hail or storm damage to your roof? A1 Roofing are here to help...

  1. Free roof inspection
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  3. We use only the highest-quality commercial roofing products
  4. FREE upgrade to Class 4 impact resistant Shingle roofing
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Call A1 Roofing for professional hail & storm damage roof repair.

FREE Upgrade to Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingle

Hail Damage May Not Be Visible From Ground Level

Even if a hailstorm doesn’t cause immediate damage to your roof, it could considerably compromise your roofing structure without you even noticing. Hail can weaken any component of a roof, even if it appears relatively unscathed at first glance. You should ask a qualified roofing company to check all aspects of your roof if you suspect you may have sustained any hail storm roof damage.
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We Help Customers Deal with Insurance Claims

A1 Roofing will deal directly with your insurance company to help make your roof insurance claim process be as smooth as possible. We work with you throughout the insurance claim process and ensure your roof is restored to its original condition. We have completed hundreds of successful hail damage roof insurance claims in Colorado Springs.
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Your First Step - Get Your Roof Inspected

Hail damage to your roof can sometimes be easily seen from the ground with the naked eye - broken or cracked tiles or visible damage to your roof infrastructure. However, other damage is very often not recognizable without a professional roof inspection. This damage, if left unattended will undoubtedly deteriorate and turn a minor repair into a costly re-roofing job.
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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Get your commercial roof repaired or replaced with quality roofing work that saves you money and gives you peace of mind. We fix damages made by year-round weather conditions affecting your roof, fix leaking areas & repair or replace ageing roofs. Bad work by previous roofing contractors? We'll get to the bottom of the problem and fix it for good.
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Free Roof Inspection

Our roof inspections are free and without any obligation on your part. No ifs, no buts.

Our expert inspection will enable us to see close up the extent of any damage your roof may have suffered. Simply fill the form below and we will get back to you to arrange a convenient time.

    From replacing a simple broken or loose tile through to a new roof installation - Get in touch!

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